Richelle J. Schaefer, M.Sc. Psych., M.A. 

Psychologische Psychotherapeutin

Who can begin psychotherapy with me?  

1) Privately insured patients & "Beihilfe"

Private health insurances usually cover the costs for psychotherapy in private practices. Although, as the amount covered varies, I strongly encourage you to first call your health insurance before booking an initial session with me. Those with "Beihilfe" also are likely have the costs for psychotherapy in a private practice partly/fully covered. 

2) "Berufsgenossenschaft"

If your current struggles are due to a work-related trauma or accident, the employer's liability insurance ("Berufsgenossenschaft") usually cover the costs for psychotherapy. Please get in touch with your employer's liability insurance to ensure they will support you. 

3) Federal armed forces

The costs for psychotherapy will be covered by your employer. You will need to first receive an emergency medical service form for the confirmation of cost coverage ("Sanitätsvordruck Kostenübernahmeerklärung") before you arrange an initial session with me. 

4) Federal Police 

If you are a federal police offer, the Heilfürsorge der Bundespolizei will cover the costs of psychotherapy in private practices. 

5) Independent patients (privately paying patients) 

Those who wish to pay privately are able to do so in my private practice. The fee is set by the GOP (Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten), which is as follows: cognitive behavioral therapy session x 1: 100,56 EURO (GOP-No. 870).

6) BAHN-BKK insured patients

Due to a special contract I have with the BAHN-BKK, patients who are insured by the BAHN-BKK are able to start therapy directly with me. 

7) Statutory ("gesetzlich") insured patients

Patients who are statutorily insured ("gesetzlich versichert") have the option of beginning therapy with me but an application needs to be submitted beforehand. This application process is called the "Kostenerstattungsverfahren". For more information about this process and what you need to qualify, you are welcome to call me and I can inform you about the necessary steps.

Cancelling appointments 

In case you need to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Any appointments not cancelled 48 hours prior to the session will be fully charged according to § 615 BGB.